Find our tips on what to do in Menorca

What to do in Menorca?


Kayaking in Menorca

Excursión en kayak y snorkel en Menorca

The characteristics of Menorca island allows an ideal destination for kayaking routes, and is the most spectacular and authentic way to see the coast. The distances between the most pristine coves are affordable for everyone and is not required to be especially fit.


The coast of Menorca is well differentiated from north and south. The south coast lined with white sand beaches, caves in the cliffs and very affordable distances. The north coast is particularly interesting because it has an area Marine Reserve, where flora and fauna have a starring role.


Boat trips in Menorca

It is undoubtedly the most relaxed and comfortable way to see the coast of the island from the sea, and you can choose if you want to do on a sailboat, catamaran or speedboat, spending the entire day at sea or only a few hours, even enjoy one unique sunset.


Flyboard in Menorca

This is the sense in recent summers, the experience of flying over the sea is still the bomb in Menorca. Mainly in Fornells you can enjoy 15, 30 or 60 minutes over the sea, enjoy alone or with friends.

After receiving a small class of the monitor you'll enjoy the experience feel the force of water under your feet, you dare?


Paragliding in Menorca

Parapente en Menorca

Another way to see the spectacular Menorca, paragliding will show the coves, beaches and most beautiful scenery of the island from a bird's eye view. Those who test, repeat. The closest thing to flying, feel free and enjoy a privileged point of view.

The paragliding with a duration approximately 20-30 minutes, the tour depends on weather conditions, but it sure will surprise you.


Snorkeling and diving in Menorca

Bautismo de buceo en Reserva Marina en Menorca

If an activity can not stop practicing in Menorca is the snorkeling, the clear waters and rich seabed fauna and flora will allow you to enjoy an experience that you will not hesitate to repeat if the opportunity arises.

The more adventurous can not help out diving, this is the first experience of diving prior to any degree. The baptism of diving in Menorca allow you to enjoy the Marine Reserve, it is an area of special interest because of its abundant life. Dare!