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To the far east, you can find the first town in Spain where the sun shines. In its beginnings it was known as Villa-Carlos and, later, Car Rental Es Castell, Es Castell.

2 kilometers from Mahón, bordering the port, rises this modern town of long, wide and clean streets, all crossing between them until it takes you to the great central square: the Explanada that was an old Plaza de Armas more than 120 meters long by 92 wide. Surrounding the square is the Cuartel del Conde de Cifuentes, Cala Corp and its town hall houses.

Apart from visiting the interior of the town, a few kilometers away you can find the Castle of Sant Felipe, built in the s. XVI, it was a fortification located at the entrance of the town to avoid the invasions of the time. If you wish, you can take a route through the fortress both day and night and enjoy a lunch or dinner break in your own restaurant.

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Car Rental Es Castell

Car Rental Es Castell

Address Carrer de Sant Ignaci, 22
Es Castell
Next to: Hotel Hamilton
Nearest office open: Mahon Down Town / Menorca Airport
Phone 971 593 167
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Car Rental Es Castell

A few kilometers from the castle, is the Marlborough Fort, which was built in 1726 and is located in the Cala de San Esteve. This fort was one of the most important during the war between Spain, Great Britain and France, it should be remembered that Menorca passed through all of them, leading it to war and conquests for many years.

If you want to know more information about this wonderful fortification, do not hesitate to go to one of his guided routes, being able to enjoy the knowledge of history observing all its infrastructure, even through underground galleries and a tour of the moat.

Car Rental Es Castell

Finally, if you want to take a relaxing bath surrounded by nature, tranquility and peace, do not hesitate to visit the coves near Es Castell, such as Cala de Sant Esteve or Cala Corb.

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Car Rental Es Castell

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