Punta Prima Car Rental

An ideal place to enjoy your holidays, this beach is located just 9 kilometers from Mahon (capital of Menorca) and 4 kilometers from Sant Lluís (a beautiful town founded by the French). Remember to have your Punta Prima Car Rentalready to enjoy this area.

This beach is ideal to enjoy your holidays as a couple, as a family or alone, where you can find all the necessary comforts from hotels, apartments, etc. to a variety of restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

Having a Punta Prima car rental is the most comfortable

Its fine white sand with the turquoise sea will make you feel free and relaxed, in front of it you can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean panorama of vivid blue tones in which the sea and the sky merge with the silhouette of the Isla del Aire in which a great lighthouse rises.

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Punta Prima Car Rental
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Playa Punta Prima
Sant Lluis
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Lunch Time : Mon-Sun 12:30 - 23:59
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From the beach of Punta Prima you can make various excursions along the “Camí de Cavalls” until you reach other coves and blue coasts, such as Alcaufar or Salgar. Paths that can be done as a family or alone, as they are easily accessible.

If you want to take a walk to observe the history of Menorca, near Punta Prima you can find two defense towers that were created to defend the coast and prevent possible invasions. One of them would be Son Ganxo Tower o Torre de Punta Prima located in the easternmost area of the island built in 1787, you can also find the Alcaufar Tower. The latter is a fortified tower built in 1786 having as its main function the defense of pirate incursions in the southeast of the island.

If what you want is to enjoy maritime leisure, they have several kayak rental offers, where you can go around the coast and access incredible places enjoying that calm, blue and beautiful sea.

If you decide to stay in this town, you can find our office to rent the ideal vehicle to surround our entire beautiful island.

If you have any doubts or questions about the rental conditions, do not hesitate to contact us from the section contact or by calling the number +34 971 593 167 and we will respond to you in the shortest possible time, Your car rental in Menorca.

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