Find our tips on what to do in Menorca

                                WHAT TO DO IN MENORCA?


With a surface of approximately 702km2, Menorca permits its visitors to take part in an infinity of options. To make an idea for example, the Island has 56 beaches, of all diferent types and for all tastes. Menorca is addictive and extensive. And produces a bewitching curiosity, which repeats year after year, finding out in every visit the best kept secerts of the Island. Given all the varity of options and to open the eyes to the visitors that arrive for the first time to the Island, nothing better than the recomendations from a menorquin so you can decide what you would like to do. Hopefully they will be to your liking.

Eat lobster “caldereta” (stew)

An exquisite tipical Menorcan dish, of complex elaboration and full of flavor. The process takes place in a crockpot (casserole dish made from mud) and it is prepared with curios ingredients: Brandy, red peppers…. An acumaltion of exquisite flavors which deserves to be tried.

                                  langosta a menorca


Visit the S'Albufera Des Grau 

Situated in the epicenter of the biosfer reserve and in a strech of just 30 kilometers you can make  an idea of all the biodiversaty of the Island. Once there you will notice a diferent humidity and you will see a great amount of native birds. It is essential to take a camera.

                                   s'albufera des grau


Go to the top of Monte Toro

It is the highest point on the Island. A beautiful place from where you can see most of Menorca. Also with an unforgettable panoramic view, it is a place full of history: There you can find a bronce statue of Jesus Crist in tribute to the Menorcan men and women that lost their lives in the war of 1925.

                                     monte toro es mercadal menorca


Visit the Cap de Cavallería

One of 7 lighthouses around the Island. This one is special, it is one of the most beautiful places in Menorca. Its situated on a Cliff which is aproximatley 100 meters high and the sunsets are simply spectacular. There is certain repetition of the words beauty, sublime… but to people who have visited the Island, can rely that these adjectives are not used for free.

                                     Faro de cap de cavalleria menorca


Learn about the Talayotic culture 

So intimately linked to Menorcan history. Thoughout all the Island it is possible to go and visit the “navetas” and “taulas”, big construcions of giant stones put together dry, without cement  or mortar ( which is known as a cyclopean technique). The “navetas” funcioned as a colective grave while the “taulas” were used for worship.

                                      naveta des tudons ciutadella menorca


Visit the Caves D´en Xoroi

A Paradise on a side of a Cliff from where you can see Mallorca on a clear day. Ideal for having a drink during the day, and during the night it turns into a imposing disco. A unique experiance to live a memorable moment.


                                    cova d'en xoroi menorca


Rent a boat

An unforgettable experiance, since you can arrive at beaches that can´t be reached any other way. For those who like kayaking and diving, you will also find wonderful places where you can practise your hobby.

                                     cala mitjana menorca