Menorca Airport Car Rental

It is currently located in the capital of the island Mahón, but this was not always the case. The first aerodrome with which the island was equipped was located in the area of Sant Lluís (neighboring town of Mahón just 5 kilometers away) and was inaugurated in 1949 and both national and international flights were transiting and from there you can have your Airport Car Rental Menorca from the hand of Autos Valls.

With the passage of time, the airlines created new planes with much larger dimensions, which made access difficult at that small airport located in Sant Lluís. For this reason, the works of the Menorca new airport which would be located this time in the capital of the island. It was inaugurated on March 24, 1969 with him I went through more and more flights both nationally and internationally, which led to the great start of tourism on the island.

Having a car rental from Menorca airport is the most comfortable

Address Curniola, 32
Phone 971593167
Business Hours
  • Mondays: 07:00 - 23:59
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  • Wednesdays: 07:00 - 23:59
  • Thursdays: 07:00 - 23:59
  • Fridays: 07:00 - 23:59
  • Saturdays: 07:00 - 23:59
  • Sundays: 07:00 - 23:59

Menorca airport

Following the different needs of each time, the airport has been expanding and modifying to adapt to them. Today, it is an airport where you can find all the necessary services from VIP lounges, public transport, shops, restaurants, meeting point for car rental deliveries , etc.

The most comfortable thing about this terminal is its small size that makes both the entrances and the exits of the flights very pleasant, all of which are short and fast.

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